Paris Inspired Pink and Mint Mood Board

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Bonjour! Inspired by the stunning Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris I thought I’d put together a board for those who also adore this beautiful city – so here’s my love letter to the capital city of romance…

Images: All via Pinterest

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

Life doesn’t always live up to Instagram…

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As I sit here and type the sun is beaming through our lounge window pouring light over the wild and rugged terrain of Northam Burrows in beautiful North Devon where I live. I am very blessed – it’s almost picture perfect…so perfect I am tempted to actually take a picture…and share it – yet there’s a problem…

In order to capture this stunning view to ‘share’ with my Instagram friends I’d need to re-set the scene, as I’d hate other people to catch a glimpse of the soggy muslin square strewn over the back of the sofa that’s now covering the wet patch where my son decided to projectile vomit over earlier this afternoon. Nor would I like to share the mass of tabby cat hairs stuck to the bottom of our white curtains – and all this is irrespective of the fact that the view is actually muffled by gas caught between our double glazing, so I’d have to hang out of the open window to really get a good shot!

What I’m getting at is that life isn’t always what it seems. I’ve become a little addicted to Instagram of late and it’s easy to see why – a wonderful way to connect with friends, colleagues and like minded people, it offers us all the opportunity to get creative with our camera phones and produce beautiful images of day-to-day ‘goings-ons’ that can be treasured forever – but in the last couple of days I’ve also noticed a downside to this fabulous app; seeing life through a soft-filter lens can sometimes make you feel down-right crap.

My days at the moment consist of nappy changes and feeds. My baby boy, although gorgeous, isn’t always as cute as his Instagram persona, in fact he’s down right devilish at times. I make no attempt to feature in photo’s at present, as I’m sporting nearly two inches of mousy blonde roots, my hands are dry, nails chipped and my favourite item of clothing is an M&S night shirt that I pass off as day wear as it drowns the extra stone and a half of post-baby weight I’m carrying. Our house looks like a bomb site – we’ve yet to fully unpack after moving here just ahead of Dylan’s birth, there’s baby stuff everywhere and I’ve an ironing pile the size of Everest…it’s all far from picture perfect – so when I see images of designer shoes adorning perfectly pedicured feet and home interiors that would give the finest boutique hotels a run for their money I sometimes want to throw my phone across my not-so-tidy front room.

I appreciate that the creative types I know, like, respect and follow all have an eye for the finer details and that the reason why I connect with them is in part because I’m in awe of their talents; so I expect and want them to take pictures of things that inspire – but what I’m getting at is that sometimes - for your own sanity, perhaps it’s worth stepping away from it all, instead taking stock of and enjoying the delightfully messy everyday happenings of ‘real life’.

I know I need to, because my marriage, family, life in general won’t stand up to my own scrutiny if I continue to compare it to those I gaze at through a rose-tinted lens. I am otherwise in danger of missing the fleeting moments that might happen whilst I reach for my camera in order to take a shot of a gummy smile from our baby boy, or a funny turn from our cats…or the warm glow of dawn light that fills our bedroom and lights up the dust fairies dancing over our bed…no filter can beat that kind of wonderment or beauty.

Happy Monday!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

Confetti Love

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There are a fair few things I forgot at our wedding – the cheesecakes which were left in the venues tea rooms fridge and the eclectic mix of votive’s I’d been hoarding for many months…but the detail which I mourn the most is the technicolour confetti I’d planned to place in a basket by our order of service chalkboard. Ok, so it rained the whole time and we’d have probably looked a little skanky covered in soggy bits of colourful paper, but I still regret not having the pretty confetti *sigh*

Credits: Style Me Pretty; Snippet and Ink; Snippet and Ink; Linda Truong; Once Wed

So, what do ya reckon to confetti…yay or nay?

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

Loving Oasis Frocks to the Max-i

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I’ve been having a browse online for the perfect frock to wear to a couple of wedding this Summer and having just produced an enormous baby decided a maxi dress would be the best option. Well, my lovelies – I am so impressed with the SS12 collection from Oasis I just had to share! Perfect for balmy Summer evenings and celebrations of all sorts, whether you’re looking to flatter your curves or show off a long and lithe physique, Oasis is where it’s at…

Gorgeous gowns from the top: Scarf Print Maxi; Bow Maxi; Pleated Belted Maxi; Luxe Maxi – all from Oasis.

You likey?

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

Peach & Pink Wedding Mood Board

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I have to admit, a couple years ago if anyone had said to me they were planning to use either pink or peach as the main colourway for their wedding I would have thought ‘meh’ and immediately passed them off as insipid and well…obvious choices. Fast forward to present day and I can’t get enough of these two beautiful hues…especially when paired together! So here’s me celebrating the peach and pink wedding love…

Are you a fan of the pink/peach colourways?

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

Credits: The Wedding Chicks; Grey Likes Weddings; Grey Likes Weddings; Style Me Pretty; The Wedding Chicks; Style Me Pretty; Perfect Wedding

Flower Love – Hydrangeas

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Many thanks for all your lovely emails and to those who have sent feedback – thanks so much, there’s some lovely ideas to chew over! And so back to pretty…

Oh so chic and in season for Summer weddings, hydrangeas are an enduringly popular choice of flower for weddings. Contemporary Brides are now making a stylish statement by opting for a bouquet made up exclusively of this beautiful bloom and I for one adore!

…Erm I also said I’d shamelessly plug my nomination in the category of Best Wedding Blog at the Perfect Wedding Awards 2012. Voting opens today on the Perfect Wedding Magazine website so if you fancy backing Boho Bride, get clicking…and thank you!!! xxx

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

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Back to Blogging!

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Happy Monday All!

I’m not sure how many of you will be reading this due to my near three month absence, but my analytics tell me I’ve retained some incredible daily readership numbers on the blog, so thank you so very much for dropping by and showing such support. It’s good to be back.

Our little one is now a whole two months old and doing well, so it seemed an appropriate time to start posting again…though I might not be able to update every day for the first few weeks; I still find it an achievement to be out of my pj’s some days!

You may have noticed some of the static pages missing on Boho Bride – they will be back in situ in a few days but I’m updating some of the info…and with that in mind I welcome any feedback from my readers as now is the perfect time to tweak!

Is there anything in particular you’d like to see more of on the blog?

Would you prefer regular features i.e. a mood board every Monday, some Friday link love etc or should I keep things more relaxed?

Let me know by commenting below or email me at

And now for some shout-outs…

Massive congratulations to The Ivory Secret Bridal Boutique for reaching their 1st Anniversary having packed so much success into their opening year! A Devon bridal shop, Eleanor and Liz Rafferty offer a wonderful service to local brides and in keeping with that are offering 10% off all full priced wedding gowns from the 12th-16th June, so be sure to make an appointment to take advantage of this wonderful offer.

Friend and local photographer Rosie Parsons has launched a wonderful new blog, celebrating all things, well…celebrations! Love Luxe is brimming with pretty and I for one am hooked, so be sure to have a browse.

I am also very proud to announce that I have been shortlisted for the Perfect Wedding Awards 2012 under the category BEST WEDDING BLOG! Oh my – that is a huge compliment, especially as I am in the company of so many other blogs that I greatly admire. You can vote online from 13th June at – I will most likely remind you again on Wednesday!!!

With Love,

Sarah xx

Boho Bride