Happy Valentine’s Mood Board With Love xx

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I’ve seen lots of red and white Valentine’s inspired weddings out there and I think they can look very stylish – especially when making bold statements with stripes and monograms etc…but for me, a Valentine’s celebration with clashing shades of red and cerise, paired perhaps with a soft grey tone to add depth will always make my heart skip a beat ♥

Credits: Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty; Enchant Dream Weddings; via Pinterest; East Coast Mummy; Style Me Pretty

Happy Valentine’s Day – hope you’re being spoilt rotten!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

Heart Love

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I thought I’d kick off this romantic week with some pretty and inspirational images featuring hearts – perfect for engagement shoots, save-the-dates and even wedding day shots; whether you use  banners, balloons or paper crafts –  the more creative the better!

All images can be found on Pinterest

Oh and I know it’s a little shameless, but my new blog Boho Living went live this morning – would love you to have a gander!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

Spring Pretty Wedding Guest Attire

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I’m loving the spring collection of dresses from Oasis and there are a fair few frocks that would be perfect wedding attire. Here’s my fav’s…

Featured frocks: Lantern Chiffon Pleat Skater Dress; Spot Skater Dress; Cutaway Colour-block Dress; Pleat Dip Hem Midi Dress

Happy Friday!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

Announcing the Launch of Boho Living!

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Hello Peeps – a happy Thursday to you all!

I’ve been sitting on an exciting announcement from Boho HQ for a few weeks now and can’t contain myself any longer - on Monday I’ll be launching my newest blog! It’s been in the works for some time {I’ve been planning it for as long as I’ve been writing Boho Bride} but due to our wedding plans and work commitments there was no way I was going to water down the time I spent over here to take on a new project…

However, with a little bundle of joy on the way and having wound down my hours as a freelance writer to concentrate on my family and my own projects, it seems like the perfect time to launch Boho Living! A lifestyle blog to run alongside this one, it will cover everything else beyond weddings…fashion, food, interior design, baby chat and more – it’s really an extension of my styling business and follows life after wedding vows.

For those newly engaged and planning weddings – I will not only be keeping up the posts on Boho Bride but I am also now able to dedicate more time to it – and for those who have married or are perhaps on the cusp of celebrating their wedding , I really hope you’ll join me at my new second home!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

The Vintage Wedding Fair 12th Feb – Plymouth

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Attn Brides – another date for your diary and this one’s coming round fast! This Sunday 12th The Vintage Wedding Fair will be taking place at Devonport Guildhall Plymouth. Featuring around 25 South West exhibitors showcasing their vintage and bespoke products.

With Vintage Bridal Makeovers from Ninteen68, offering hair, make-up and styling, plus a photograph to take home for just £25.00 per person – there will also be some beautiful vintage wedding dresses to swoon over.

Add to this cocktail tasting and demonstrations by talented barman throughout the event, and live Jazz Music from Becky Brine, who will also be accompanied by swing dancers from Plymouth’s own ‘Mad about Swing’ and you’re sure to enjoy! Thomas Boulden attending will be performing close up card magic, both at his stall in the Main Hall and throughout the venue.

The bar will be open all day serving cocktails and bubbly, and the venue’s Column Cafe will be serving light bites and refreshments downstairs. Devonport Guildhall benefits from free parking, free entry on the day and full disabled access if needed.

Hope you enjoy!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

P.S. For more information, have a browse of The Vintage Wedding Fair Facebook Page

Candelabra Centerpiece Inspiration

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Whilst the classic candelabra isn’t really my thing, I do love witnessing a creative twist when seeing them styled up. Whether they’re contemporary glass candelabra’s or the classic silver dressed down with shabby chic blooms – there’s no denying they create beautiful impact on table and are a wonderful way to play with the eye-line of a reception room…

Credits: Via Pinterest & We Heart It; Wedding Bee & Belle the Magazine; Wedding OMD; 100 Layer Cake & Belle The Magazine

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

DIY Wedding with Family & Travel Touches

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I adore this wedding from Paige Lowe Photography - it’s beautifully unique…and why? Because it was created using an array of personal touches that represent things dear to the Bride and Groom. World travellers, Sheila and Max’s day featured flags from all the countries they’ve visited together, they read hand written vows and the Bride’s sister made all the desserts…oh and lets not forget the gorgeous seating plan painted onto two old glass doors – inspired idea!

Suppliers: Dress from Jenny Packham Bridal; Bakery, Toyne Dunn; Flowers, Yamaguchi Flowers. This wedding was submitted via Two Bright Lights

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

The One Where I’m On Bed-Rest…

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{Image – Anne Taintor}

Happy Friday all!

First things first I’d like to wish my gorgeous husband a very Happy Birthday…ten years ago today he was turning 24 {you can do the math!} and we had tentatively started dating – how time flies! Now a married man with baby on the way. Hubby – I continue to be in awe of you and am so proud of the man you’ve become, thank you for choosing me to share the journey of life with you! xxx

And now on to my man’s B’day wish…it appears our little man is somewhat eager to meet his parents and having spent the last few days showing signs of early labour {I’m due April 2nd} I have been placed on bed-rest to try and stem things from progressing further – please stay put for a wee while yet my love.

With that in mind I aim to dedicate my newly discovered spare time planning ahead for Boho Bride so I’ve the opportunity to take some time out with little one {Dutt as we call him – an affectionate Welsh term for little} once he’s arrived…

So, if any of you would like to contribute to Boho Bride – I’m on the look out for features! Weddings, shoots, inspiration, suppliers to feature…you know the drill. Please feel free to get in touch and if your story suits – I’ll publish! Also, if there are any planning Boho Bride’s who fancy trying their hand at some guest blogging – I’d be honoured to share your plans. Contact me at sarah@bohobride.co.uk

Have a great weekend!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

From Boho Bride to Wife

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{Image via Anne Taintor}

Hello Lovelies,

I was having a good chin wag with some girlfriends this week about the usual, work, life, families {yup, impending motherhood!} and marriage of course and as we all reminisced about our lovely weddings it occurred to me I hadn’t written anything on a personal note for a while…

I’m not actually sure if my personal thoughts are of any interest now I’m no longer a Bride-to-be {please tell me if this kind of blogging is indulgent and I shall desist} but for those eager to know what married life might be like or for those like me, making the transition – I thought I might note some of the wonderful things that have struck me in my journey from Boho Bride to Wife.

♥ I remember being scared about my name change. I’ve always liked my maiden name – it’s quite unusual and I did tend to associate my now surname with my hubby’s Nana…who’s very Margaret Thatcher. Fear not however, for this Mrs C is her own unique breed and when addressed so, I tend feel enormously proud and tingly all over.

♥ Having always been firmly in the ‘it’s more than a piece of paper’ marriage camp I am pleased to announce that for this Mrs at least, being my man’s wife feels as amazing as I deemed it would. It has deepened our bond as I hoped and I love nothing more than smugly starting my sentence with “My husband…”

♥ Our little family feels like a unit. Ok, perhaps more so now there’s a baby on the way – but Ads, our two fur babies, bump and myself are our own little circle of trust – I’ve even re-registered the cats at the vets under our family name!!!

♥ Our parents have {whether they realise it or not} slightly altered the way they see us. Does that make sense? It’s a weird thing to describe – but we’ve definitely felt a shift in how they are towards us. We’re treated more like grown-ups and aren’t expected to divulge every bit of info about our whereabouts, spending or income etc…I guess it’s a kind of added respect for our privacy as a married couple. I still don’t know if this makes sense – but I hope you get the idea.

♥ There’s a renewed sense of romance. The infamous ’honeymoon period’ perhaps? Nothing beats buying that first Christmas card ‘To My Husband’ or catching someone from the oppasit sex glimpsing at your wedding ring as they chat to you. Shallow I know – but I ruddy loves it!!!

♥ We now sleep on pima cotton sheets, use matching sets of towels and cook our dinners in a Le Creuset…need I say more?! ;)

So how about you? Worried about anything beyond W-day? Has marriage changed the dynamic of your relationship? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

Andrea & Stefano’s Malta Wedding Film – Memories on Film

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I was so excited to see this awesome film arrive in my inbox last week! Submitted by Andrew Brown of Memories on Film – I’ve been a fan of the company’s work for some time. Creating the most incredible films and lasting memories for Bride’s and Grooms both nationally and internationally, here’s what Andrew had to say about Andrea and Stefano’s cute, vibrant and oh-so-fun nuptuals…

andrea + stefano /// coming soon from Memories On Film on Vimeo.

“I filmed the wedding of Andrea and Stefano last year in Malta. Andrea is British and Stefano is Italian, so Malta being English and Italian speaking was the perfect choice for their big day and it also helped that Andrea is a singer/musician who is actually quite well-known in Malta!
Anyway, the theme was love and everyone had to wear a heart, the weather was perfect for the outdoor ceremony, the Italians wouldn’t stop shouting and Andrea flew out her band to play live kareoke in the evening.”
So what do you think? Beautifully put together by the uber talented Malta Wedding Company I am more than a little in love with Andrea & Stefano’s stunning day…
Check out some more of Memories on Film’s fabulous work and have a browse of their website pronto!
With Love,
Sarah, Boho Bride xx

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