Jewel Tone Wedding Inspiration – Moroccan Mood Board

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Today’s inspiration board is a little different. It’s the one I created for the Moroccan themed photo shoot I’ve helped style, which is being shot on location in N.Devon today. The perfect autumn/winter palette, it’s sumptuous jewel tones are a great choice for Bride’s who love colour. I’ll post more details on this fabulous shoot as once it’s gone to print…

With Love, Boho Bride xx

The One Where I Accept That I Can’t Do It All…

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I have always had extremely high hopes for our wedding; perhaps a little too much ambition style wise. You see, writing this blog has been the most wonderful experience whilst planning my own wedding, but it is also a bit of a duel edged sword…I see so much pretty and am inspired by so many other creative Bride’s, that I have tried to include it all in our own wedding…

I have failed. It occurred to me this weekend, as I tried to juggle multiple diy projects, whilst acknowledging that I’ve yet to confirm some quite major details (haven’t even sorted wedding cake yet!) that somethings gotta give…and I think that something(s) needs to be some of the ‘details’ that, if I hadn’t had this moment of clarity, might have made our wedding look a little OTT and ‘overdone’.

Instead, I’m focusing on the elements that really give me design love palpitations – the one’s that are more ‘us’ than general wedding trends. And it feels really good….and such a relief. So I guess what I’m trying to say is stay true to your signature styles as a couple. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, step back from your plans and step away from your various ‘look books’ and wedding files and think about what really fits for you.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to having your wedding, your way.

With {less than three weeks to go!} Love, Boho Bride xx

Boho Bride Now Accepting Sponsors!

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Happy bank holiday all! A break from the norm, I just wanted to let you know that I’m now accepting sponsorship on the blog. So if you’re interested in publicising your fabulous business on these pages, please email me for further details

With Love, Boho Bride xx

Image credits: Mark Tattersall; Eco-Beautiful Weddings

Molly and Dave’s Beautiful Blue Wedding

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The perfect wedding to follow the Feeling Blue inspiration board I published on Wednesday, Molly and Dave’s wedding is brimming with vibrant shades of this gorgeous colour.

Captured by Vermont based Spencer Leonard Photography it was submitted via Two Bright Lights and is a true testament to the fact that a few showers won’t rain on any Bride and Groom’s wedding parade…

Further credits: florist, The Blue Toad; ceremony/reception venue, 1824 House Inn; cake designer, Mirabelles; linens and coverings, Occasions Catering & The Linen Shop

Feeling Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

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I’ve a big thing about the colour blue and it’s going to feature quite heavily in my own wedding day. A calm, tranquil colour – it’s beautiful in all its forms. So whether you’re a cornflower, china or navy kinda gal, here’s some blue wedding inspiration for you…

Credits: The Natural Wedding Company; We Heart It; Ruffled; Camille Styles; Inspired By This; Weddings By Color

Are you having a blue moment?

With Love, Boho Bride xx

Someones Girlfriend, Someones Fiancee, SomeonesWife

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After 18 months of being engaged and around nine months of official planning, it has finally dawned on me that following our September nuptials I am actually going to be someones wife. Which begs the question, aside from my change of status, what will actually change, if anything?

I have been in a relationship with my beloved for a whole decade. Hard to believe when we look back at photo’s that those fresh-faced teenagers are indeed us…and things were starkly different then. Every feeling felt ‘intense’ – not just the love, but the the pain too…the angst over every harsh word, the constant need to ‘interperet’ what’s been said as if we were always talking to each other in code. Every time a couple we knew broke up…we’d always then have to thrash out whether we could in fact be the next ‘doomed’ pair….gah, it exhausts me to think about it now!

Happy times of course {well we were young and fearless and threw ourselves in to everything feet first!} but once drama school was over, our relationship evolved in a different way. Now twenty-somethings, we bought our first home and set about ‘playing house’. Work was erratic, money was tight and we no longer felt the need to socialise. Too wrapped up in our new status as co-habitee’s, we adopted our eldest fur baby Milo and spent our weekends curled up on the sofa, under a blanket with the cat – eating and watching films. We like to call that our ‘comfy’ stage. We both put on about two stone. I’m still trying to work the last 8 pounds off.

The next stage was the ‘growing’ stage, where we both explored our individuality. I guess this is the time when things can either make or break – ironically it was around the seven year mark. We were lucky though, having moved closer to the S.West and Wales {Reading} so each of us could travel home more, we became quite independant of each other – but rather than that factor pushing us apart – it was like we found each other even more interesting; there was more to talk about and I guess we grew together and found more reasons for our love to deepen.

I still find my OH thirst for knowledge massively appealing – he’s a self made man and works damn hard to continually learn new skills. And I know he really appreciates how I throw myself into things and then figure out how to make it work. Throughout the time mentioned above, we learnt a lot about each other and the kind of people we were growing into during this stage. It was a challenging, but brilliant time.

And then came settled. A blissful chapter that still stands – when you know who who are as both individuals and a couple – and what you’re about. Where you’re no longer looking over your shoulder to see what others are doing, or care about what they think. That bit where you appreciate yourselves for the people you’ve become; this is me, this is us and this is how we roll. Ah, if we could only go back a reassure our teen selves!

So given that we’ve settled into this happy and confident state – what’s going to change? Well, despite me once protesting that marriage doesn’t mean squat if you’re already committed to each other – I do feel a little different already. It might sound shallow – but by standing in front of each other to make those vows, I am expecting a subtle change in our dynamic. He will be my husband and I will be his wife and that tells the world that we hold each other in a higher regard than anyone else on this earth. And we don’t just get to celebrate that together, but all our other favourite people will be there to celebrate with us too.

I’m so excited about our wedding day now – and I really can’t wait to become someones wife.

With Love Boho Bride xx

A Romantic Scottish Wedding With Plaid, Thistles…And A Camper Van!

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Vanessa and Jamie got married at St Cuthberts church, right in the centre of glorious Edinburgh and held their reception at the Scottish Book Trust, just off the famous Royal Mile. Brimming with pretty, this summery Scottish wedding is the perfect mix of traditional charm meets contemporary styling; feminine, pretty, perfect.

Captured by Yorkshire based photographer Maryanne of Maryanne M Photography, this beautiful wedding was submitted via Two Bright Lights. The flowers, the delicate sorbet tones…that headpiece – I love it all! How about you?

Further credits: Dress, Mia Sposa; Flowers, Narcissus; Jewellery, Elegant Wedding Creations

With Love, Boho Bride xx

Wedding Decor Ideas – Bringing The Inside Out!

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I’m mad about weddings that feature furniture outside…kooky, eclectic and fun! Whether it’s an aisle lined with comfy chairs or an ancient dresser placed in the middle of a field, it all makes my spine tingle…

Credits: Green Wedding Shoes; Weddings By Color; Love and Lavander; The Rustic Rose; The Vintage Vignette

Our Wedding Countdown…

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Hello Lovelies,

I just wanted to write a brief post today to give you a heads up on my blogging for the next couple of weeks – in that it could become a little sporadic! With our wedding a mere month away and my day job becoming very busy ahead of taking a ma-hu-ssive three weeks leave, I’m worried that I may not fit in a daily post. If this does happen – I can assure you that it won’t happen for long, or very often…

And once our nuptuals have taken place - they’ll be plenty more wedding loveliess to follow. Thanks so much for your support and for those getting married in the coming weeks too – congratulations -  and do make sure you schedule some time for rest and relaxation too!

Here’s to the wedding countdown! With Love, Boho Bride xx

PS Whilst we on the subject of our wedding, regular readers who’ve shared my wedding stresses with me {Jo, Reena, My Honest Answer – I saw your fab comments!} might be pleased to hear that my {not so} Boho Groom FINALLY ordered his suit last night!!! Result.

Rose Cottage – Shabby Chic Wedding Stationery by Knots and Kisses

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Happy Monday All! I couldn’t resist blogging about the new wedding stationery collection Rose Cottage from Knots and Kisses; perfect for a shabby chic Bride, it screams country wedding! Featuring a flora and fauna design, it reminds me of the gorgeous vintage wallpaper that once hung at my Nans house. Delicate, understated and seriously swoonworthy – I adore the vintage stamp details!

Here’s what designer Nikki had to say, ”I wanted to create a design with a brown paper and wood, darker vintage feel. I also really wanted to incorporate my love of vintage stamps … I especially love ones with butterflies on.

The range also comes with a full range of reception stationery, including menus, table numbers, place cards and a new item for me … some guest book postcards, which are great for leaving next to gorgeous boxes or suitcases for your guests to write messages on as an alternative to the traditional guest book! ”

For more information, images and Nikki’s other stunning collections, have a browse of the Knots and Kisses website.

With Love, Boho Bride xx

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