The One Where I Enjoy Guilt-Free Time-Out from “Weddingness”

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{Image Anne Taintor}

Apologies from my lack of posting yesterday, but I have been on a jaunt. I’ve spent the last three days, completely devoid of doing anything wedding related! Early Tues morning I travelled to Milan to spend some time with my dearest friend Kimmy as it was her 30th Birthday…and we just so happened to have tickets to see a certain super-group…Take That!!! One word – amazing.

And as I whiled away my Wednesday enjoying spa treatments in the heart of fashion capital {seriously, felt just like an episode of SATC!} it dawned on me that I’d spent a whole 24 hours not thinking/planning/freaking out over our wedding plans….it was at that point that I decided to take things a step further and turned off the roaming on my iphone. I wanted to step away from “weddingness” for another 24 hours. No talking, thinking or emailing anything wedding related – and that had to include the blog.

I have to admit I felt a mix of empowerement and relief…please don’t get me wrong, I love writing Boho Bride, it’s like writing a diary of creative loveliness to the most supportive of friends and confidances, and nothing gives me more joy than when I get feedback from my posts and musings. Knowing that I might have helped a fellow Bride in turn helps me – I feel such a sense of comraderie…

But, I think every planning Bride should make sure they take some time-out of weddingness – a step back. However relaxed a person you are, however organised you are, the weddings bound to be having some kind of impact on your day-to-day routine; anticipation or perhaps just excitement may be putting your body through-the-mill. You all know how badly I’ve been sleeping of late, well for the last two nights, I’ve slept like a baby and don’t remember having any dreams…which is such a contrast to a ‘normal’ nights sleep of late…and I feel goooood.

This ‘time-out’ has also made me appriciate how precious this last stretch of planning is. I don’t want to be the Bride rolling her eyes with a pained expression every time someone asks me how plans are going! When I turned on my laptop this morning I had emails from our ring designer, florist and some of our guests…and you know what, I felt revitilised and excited to respond – like I was planning it all with a pair of fresh eyes!

I have therefore decided that I’ll spend one full day each week (and that’s only a mere eight full days) till the wedding not talking, thinking or planning it. Instead I’ll spend that ‘free’ time doing something out of routine. After all, it’s really is quite a major adjustment we’re making to our lives – it’s a new chapter that I believe should be aknowledged with gravitas and I want to relish every single moment of the build-up.

Happy weekend! With Love, Boho Bride xx

Chris and Ashlee’s Rustic Engagement Shoot

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I love the colours, light and simple styling of this charming E-shoot!

Submitted by A+C Photography via Two Bright Lights it proves that sometimes less is more and…some well picked clothes, a couple of timeless props, a handful of pretty blooms and a great photographer!

With love, Boho Bride xx

Doily Wedding Inspiration – Doily Love

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I heart doilies – particularly at weddings! They look super elegant as bunting, a table runner or simply placed underneath a cake stand or few. This resurgence of popularity means the crochet doilies can be a little hard to find – but most supermarkets and craft shops stock the paper versions. John Lewis even offer some kooky coloured ones. Here’s some inspiration…

Credits: Via Once Wed; My Wedding; Ruffled; Elizabeth Anne Designs; The Sweetest Occasion

With Love, Boho Bride xx

School Inspired Mood Board

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My OH and I met at college and that has influenced some of the details of our big day – so I thought how nice it must be for some lucky couples to have the shared experience of school and how that would lend itself to some very sweet wedding ideas…Perfect for a wedding theme or engagement shoot, here’s my school inspired mood board…

Credits: School ChairsVia Kinser Event Company; Books via Once Wed; Files via Flat White Photography; Crayons via United With Love; Book shoot via Colours Of Honey Blog; Preppy socks via The Wedding Chicks

With Love, Boho Bride xx

Sunday Best

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Happy Sunday all – hope everyone’s had a nice long lie-in! There’s been plenty of pretty appearing on the world wide {wedding} web this week and here’s my fav’s…

♥ This beautiful, informal bohemian summer wedding by Rosie Parsons. Be-still-my-beating-heart.

{image Rosie Parsons}

♥ Polka-dot garlands from BHLDN

♥ A homespun Texas wedding via The Wedding Chicks

♥ Paper Lanterns – my new style crush. This week a blogged them AND ordered some for The Hanging Lantern Co

♥ This flash wedding – inspired idea!

{image via The Mail}

Enjoy! With Love, Boho Bride xx

High Street Bridal Finds

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I’ve spent many hours pouring over the pages of my favourite high street websites of late…mainly looking for cute little frocks to nab with the excuse that I need to look oh so pretty for my hen do, pre-wedding meal, honeymoon…need I go on with the justification?! Anyhoo, whilst doing so, I’ve spotted many lovely dresses perfect for a high street loving Bride {city chic loveliness methinks} here’s my fav’s….

Lace Tier Side Dress, AlWear ; Ruched Bustier Dress, French Connection; Liberty Julia Dress by Jones and Jones for Topshop; Grecian Plait Dress, Topshop

Happy weekend! With Love, Boho Bride xx

The One Where I Get Wedding Anxiety Dreams…

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Some of you might recall the anxious feeling I noted down a couple months ago. Well, you might be pleased to hear that my eye-twitch has gone and I’ve been feeling a lot more on top of wedding plans….the general sense of panic has all but completely dissipated. Or has it…

On a day-to-day basis, I no longer feel overwhelmed. Boxes have been ticked and those that haven’t {or aren’t going to be} well I now accept, probably won’t be. You can’t have it all eh? There is however, one issue. My “day-to-day” anxieties have now been replaced with night terrors. I haven’t had a decent nights kip in about three weeks.

I am having very vivid dreams/nightmares about the wedding – but there’s one recurring dream that ensures I wake up feeling clammy and panicked…it’s the day of our wedding and I’m running up and down the creaky stairs of our cottage in my wedding dress but my wedding dress is the only thing I seem to have organised…

I’m always confused as to why I’m in said gown and then it dawns on me that it’s my wedding day, yet I’ve not actually organised any of the details. The venue is sorted…but no caterers, the guests have been invited, but I haven’t told them where to go, Adam {my fiance} knows to show up, but it’s like I know he’s waiting for me to give him orders i.e. what to wear etc…and this is the bit where I always panic most…I open my diary and scrawled across the page is the phone number for our registrar, I hurriedly dial it to ask if she’s free to marry us and just as she says ‘hello’ I always wake up!

And this isn’t the only dream – I have other, random, but very vivid ones, that make me feel physically sick…they’re mainly my OH telling me that he just wants to be friends :( though I also had one a couple nights ago where I was pulling my teeth out…but I knew I was asleep and doing it, so I was also desperately trying to wake up to stop myself!!! Weird huh?

Married ladies, Brides-to-be…anyone….PLEASE tell me this is quite normal? Does it all settle down – or will I be sleep depraved until the big day? How do I stop these feelings from manifesting in my sleep? So many questions!!!

…Though I do now wonder if reading this post  back to myself {I’m rambling right?} might actually induce sleep! *yawn* A very indulgent blog today!

With Love, Boho Bride xx

Natasha + Hanks Indie Inspired Engagement Shoot

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Todays offering is by the uber talented Nikita Gross Photography who submitted to me via Two Bright Lights. I’ve been sitting on these images for a couple of weeks now, itching to get them published on the blog – they are uh-mazing! Not only does this session have the most fantastic back story {I love it when there’s a reason for having an E-shoot in a particular place, so personal} but the photography is to-die-for. Check out the incredible way Nikita has captured this super cute couple…

Here’s what Nikita had to say – “Natasha and Hank met at a Turbling concert at the Southgate House in Newport KY. They continued to go there for Indie shows.

They wanted to take their engagement photos their since it has been so significant in their relationship. The Southgate House is a historic house turned music venue built during the war of 1812. Some photos were also taken at the Cincinnati Public Library.”

Oh I love, love – how’s about you? The lighting is beautiful – thanks so much for sharing Nikita.

With Love, Boho Bride xx

♥ Paper Lantern Love ♥

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I’ve been exploring colourful design ideas for our own {impending} nuptuals and simply can’t get enough of paper lanterns at weddings - I love them! How’s about you?

Credits: via Intimate Weddings; Matt De Backere Photography; Elizabeth Anne Designs; Polka Dot Bride

With Love, Boho Bride xx

Edgy Beach Bohemia – Mood Board Monday!

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On Friday I learnt about a small cove near one of our local beaches that houses a curry hut! You can simply rock up of an evening, beers in hand and sit and enjoy a tasty curry whilst the sun comes down {next Fri I’m so there!}…Upon learning this I began to fantasize about scrapping our garden wedding in favour of an even smaller, even more laid back celebration by the curry shack – but as we’re only nine weeks away and I figured it best to channel these thoughts into a mood board. Enjoy!

Credits: Venice Beach via We Heart It; Beach picnic from Sweet Emilia Jane; Lanterns from the Chelsea Nicole Blog; Dali Driftwood Arch via Chad Michael Peters; Fire pit via Fine Art America; Guitar girl via We Heart It

With Love, Boho Bride xx

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