A Whole Yurt Of Love – Wedding Yurts

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When we first started planning our wedding, one of the ideas we explored was hiring a wedding Yurt and although we’ve now opted for a barn reception – I’ve still got a huge style crush on these stunning bohemian  structures!

Elaborately decorated reception venues for both grand and intimate weddings, you can now even hire a ‘wedding night yurt’ for those who want to stay at their wedding venue till the wee hours of dawn! So here’s some swoon-worthy Yurt inspiration…

Credits: top-bottom – image 1-3 Hooe’s Yurts, 4-6 Simply Yurts

Offering style and substance, here’s some leading hire companies of Wedding Yurts and all are UK based…


Hooe’s Yurts

Simply Yurts

Candy Coloured Mood Board

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Inspired by the Groom and Groomsmen socks in yesterday’s wedding from Cotton Candy Photography, I created a board brimming with fun and colourful details for a wedding that’s vibrant, relaxed and doesn’t take itself too seriously…enjoy! x

Credits: Socks Cotton Candy Photography; Sweet Jar, Birdcrafts; Martini Wedding Paper Divas; Sweeties Old Fashioned Sweets; Buttonhole via Wedding Bee; Brides shoes via Wedding Dresses 4 Love; Balloons via Tres Chic Bride; Flowers The Wedding Chicks, Balloon Bride Aislinn Events

Katie and David’s Purple Reign

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OK, so I’m not referring to the Prince song of similar name, but to today’s gorgeous real wedding couple Katie and David, who majestically executed their special day with great aplomb. Featuring contemporary, fun and colourful details, this wedding is brimming with personality!

Captured beautifully by the delightful Philippa and Gemma of Cotton Candy Photography. I am sure this dynamic duo are the ones to watch in 2011. I simply love the instinct that they have for feminine, flattering…yet edgy photography and could loose myself in each an every one of these images. Thanks so much for sharing ladies! xx

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Wedding Flower Ideas – More Shabby, Less Chic

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I am now in full throttle wedding-planning mode…and this week I had the delightful task of getting quotes for my wedding flowers! This past year I’ve created a file of wedding flower ideas – saving pictures of beautiful blooms as and when I saw them on a vast array of pretty blogs and websites…

This is a great way of realising your wedding style – as it becomes quite clear which styles to naturally gravitate towards. My favoured wedding flower designs, are undoubtedly the vintage inspired ‘headgerow’ styles…bouquets and arrangements that look like they’ve been freshly picked from a British meadow. Timeless, elegant, natural, colourful. Here’s some of my inspiration…

These beautiful arrangements are available from –  The Traditional Flower Company (pictures 1 & 3) The Real Cut Flower Garden (pictures 2 & 4)

The Vintage Drawer Label ‘Made With Love’ – Vicky Trainor Vintage Inspired Stationary

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Discovering inspiring creatives in the wedding world is one of the stand-out pleasures of writing this blog and when I first happened upon Vicky Trainor Vintage Inspired Stationary, my heart fluttered. Imagine then, when a couple of months later I had the pleasure of opening an email entitled ‘An Introduction’ to discover that Vicky had not only found her way to Boho Bride – but was giving me a peek of her latest project ‘The Vintage Drawer Label’ and her ‘Made With Love’ collection…

Many heart palpitations later, I’ve not really managed to edit the amount of images Vicky sent – I want to share them all with you. Every single piece of the ‘Made With Love’ collection looks like it’s brimming with care and affection. So aptly named – I hand you over to Vicky Trainor, who’s written a wonderful introduction…

“The idea behind our new little collection ‘made with love’ arrived one day whilst sorting and organising my endless boxes of collected haberdashery. At the bottom of this box was my little sewing case that I made when I was 7 years old. I spent hours, when I was younger, collecting and making endless pieces, some useful some not so useful, pressing flowers, organising my grandma’s button box….

We were starting to work on ideas, at the time, for new collections for 2011-2012 – we wanted to create something very different to our current printed collections and we had been researching embroidery and haberdashery from the 40’s and early 50’s and, from this, ‘made with love’ was born. This collection is the first to be created from our new ‘Vintage Drawer’ label.

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Wedding Ideas – Create YOUR Wedding YOUR way!

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This last week of wedding planning has been the most fun yet, as I’m starting to book and create all of the fun stuff that’ll make our wedding unique! It has inspired me to write a little about how to set about gathering wedding ideas to create a day that’s as individual as you are! Here’s my top tips for getting started on your special day…

Credits: Boots, Anna Kinchen Photography, Tashes, One Wed

Think about the time of year – when booking your wedding date, have a think about the time of year that you feel connected to as a couple. Just because Summer tends to be ‘wedding season’ it doesn’t mean your day needs to fall during the sunny months. We’ve chosen September as we met in the Autumn and both love the colour palette…I’m also v.fair and allergic to wasp stings…so I’d be in danger of getting burnt or worse still, sporting hives on a Summer wedding day.

Stuck for ideas at first? Find a venue that you love and led it lead your initial plans…there’s not point in shoe-horning a vintage inspired art deco day into a farm-yard setting after all! You can find inspiration in the unlikeliest of places…an orchard can offer a wedding awash with zesty colours and fruit themed details, or the history of a venue can also dictate the style…a Georgian manor house lends itself perfectly to an Austen inspired day!

Do some word association with your man – each write down ten things that immediately spring to mind, when you think of your wedding day…it’ll help you prioritise what’s important and should also ensure that you both get involved. We realised that a relaxing atmosphere, good food and free booze were our biggest priority!

Credits: Candy floss, Weddings Guide Asia; Carnival The Wedding Chicks

Filter. There will be expectations and opinions from family and friends that will confuse you. So, your second cousin is expecting her kid to be Bridesmaid, your brother thinks a cravat is the epitome of wedding style and your Mother-in-Law wants her best mate to make the cake…smile, say “thanks for the offer/your opinion/input - I haven’t worked out the details yet/I’ve already booked that…we’re going in a different direction” and then avoid the subject for the next nine months. That might not be the most mature way of dealing with things…but it’s what I’m sticking too!

Keep evolving your wedding ideas! Details will change as the months pass. Try to adapt with them – compromise without sacrificing too much. You’ll sleep better for it.

ENJOY! This should be the last time you plan your own wedding *fingers crossed* - and most marrieds tell me it passes very quickly…so relish the planning process, after all, it’s probably the biggest event you’ll ever be the centre of!

Ga Ga For Garters!

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Last night I lost myself on Etsy…hours spent swooning over the crafty goodness! One of the main wedding related items that caught my eye, were the stunning and intricately made garters on offer. It’s official…I’m ga ga for garters!

Credits: L-R Sweetly Fallen, Natalie Briggs; L-R Hello Design Crew, Perfect Garter; L-R Lollie Couture, Natalie Briggs – all on Etsy

Coral & Scott’s English Country Wedding – Featuring Morris Dancers!

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One of the talented togs I had the pleasure of meeting at the Modern Bride show, was the lovely Jemma of Pearl Pictures, who’s stunning images blew me away! Natural, modern and timelessly chic, I was thrilled when Jemma sent some wonderful weddings to be featured on Boho Bride…

Coral and Scott’s is a wedding I was immediately drawn to, as it’s so quintessentially English. Brimming with an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary details –  it’s the perfect example of how a wedding that reflects your tastes, will always work…regardless of whether you mix up your style!

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The Round Table…Or The Rectangular One?

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With 2011 being the year of our wedding  – I finally feel that plans can be made! We’ve been engaged since last New Years Eve, but I’ve been so reticent to actually make definite decisions, in fear of changing my mind – or worse still, jinxing us. The date is set, venue booked and dress bought…all were easy to do. My biggest headache and the decision I’m still agonising over – is the tables. I’m loosing sleep over the tables…

I’d always imagined long tables – like they have in Italy or the US and it’s one of the main reasons why a barn reception venue appealed. However, our barn is very narrow and with the number of guests we’re having – the venue co-ordinators think it will be more spacious if we had round tables. So now I’m trying to get my head around changing my table decor ideas to suit round ones. Which is why I’ve been collecting lots of pretty round table images of late…

So what do you think? Should I stick to my ’vision’ and risk making everyone feel like battery hens…or compromise and take up the challenge of evolving my ideas?

Credits: Long tables – via Jonus Peterson, Polka Dot Bride,The Garden Barn Round tables – via The Great Barn, Orchard Cove Photography, Project Wedding

Quality Street Inspired Mood Board

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After one too many Quality Street this Christmas, I decided to put my tin to good use and created an inspiration board for a Quality Street wedding! Using jewel tones that are perfect for an Autumn/Winter wedding, there’s something very British about this idea (ahem, take note Prince Wills and Kate) ….so, do you think it’ll catch on?

Credits: Small Christmas Baubles & Pumpkin Baubles, both Cox and Cox; Bride & Groom shoes via The Elegant Niche; Bride & Groom via Inspired By This; Quality Street; B’maids via Flower Wild; Groom via The Knot; Hanging baubles via Notting Hill Interiors; Votives via This Next; Brooch bouquet via Weddings 4 You

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