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A few weeks subsequently he reported further, that the foetal heart

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the trunk and neck often escape entirely, so that the body and head remain

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symptom sometimes observed. It probably depends upon some implication

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Symptoms. — Sometimes the symptoms of myelitis, spinal irritation, or

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heated serum was double that of the unheated. Castelli 7 similarly

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function of Streptococcus viridans is the same as that possessed by

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ride of barium, and many the phosphite of zinc. Nitrate of silver and

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of the skin and the activity of the pulse had subsided, and never

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maternity hospitals of Paris died from septic infection.

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ventes and the interspaces between them ; their central point is

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shock or speedy anaphylactic death. But in a certain proportion of

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The hour of five having arrived, the meeting adjourned

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which the patient should continue treatment for a year or more. Gener-

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cases recovery is also rapid. As a rule, the child's disposition becomes

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unless osteopathy be resorted to, and it is signifi-